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WPCommunity is led by Web Developer Tom Ford, Based in San Diego, CA.

I’m Tom Ford, WordPress Website Developer, Webmaster and Advanced WordPress Technician.  I spend pretty much all of my time helping people both through difficult puzzles that have to do with WordPress, but also enhancements that help sites do neat and cool things such as eCommerce, Social Network Infrastructure, Social Networking API Merging, Web Video and Mobile Responsiveness to name a few.

I’m a technology enthusiast to say the least.  I stay connected almost 24/7, so chances are I know about some new technology others don’t yet as it’s my passion.  I’ve been a Beta Tester and Participant of course on WordPress, but also Google+ (Google Social Networking), the New MySpace, Jango Internet Radio and many other small testing projects.  I keep on the pulse of what the core team is posting on actively for Beta WordPress versions as well as new plugins that extend the function of WordPress.  I specialize in fixing theme and plugin issues as well as working new extended function into existing sites.  I’ve also done writing for WPMU.org (WPMU Dev) and WPML (WordPress Multi-Language)

Unfortunately, this keeps me very busy and I don’t get much time for personal blogging, although I do occasionally prepare an article and place it on the website if I think it might help others through a difficult situation (and I do get some spare time).  Most of my personal sharing of things from around the internet is done on Google+ (this includes things related to WordPress, technology in general, photography and digital art)


I’m a registered Facebook and Twitter API Developer.  In addition to being very active on Google+ (6600+ followers), I participate a little personally with Twitter when I get the time usually on a spree for two to three weeks or just here and there and also use LinkedIn.  I’m of course on Facebook and other small networks as well, including StumbleUpon, Quora, Digg, Reddit and several others.

I don’t have to do a ton of business promotion at this point, so I don’t hammer very hard with this at Facebook.  Most of any promotion I do is aimed at Google+, but I help others actively target all the social networks with APIs and integration, including Facebook and do it well.

I’d be happy to discuss your needs with you.  Please feel free to contact me through the website or look me up at any time and connect on social.

  • 13+Years Experience

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