5 Totally Killer WP e-Commerce Themes

So You Need the Right WordPress Theme for a Online Store?

After doing a post on WP e-Commerce themes and going back reading through it, I noticed it was slightly disorganized and there were too many themes to look through…pulling all the demos and reading through the information, it occurred to me that you would have to be slightly crazy, and have a TON of screen space to really understand them, then taking the corresponding notes to make any sense of them is not a super fun challenge either.

WP e-Commerce Themes


I am not Brittany Spears, but I did do it again, looking through all these themes and picking out 6 that are totally killer.  I liked these due to how clean they were, bright, well organized and customizable they were.  These would definitely be themes I’d recommend for their visual conversion capabilities.


Need Modern Styling, Fluid Store Movement, Full Feature Base in Your WP e-Commerce Theme?

This theme features easy base colors, multiple dynamic home page elements and a really neat, well organized single product page with jQuery tabbed boxes, so the user does not have to reload the page to jump between Description, Additional, Review and Related.  It also features nice 3d photo framing for grid displays.  The add to cart function offers a nice popup for checkout or continue shopping.  Definitely the running favorite.

WP Ecommerce Theme Home


WP e-Commerce Theme Single

  • Nice Scrolling Gallery
  • Super Clean Bright Colors by Default
  • How to Shop Homepage Flowchart
  • Recent Products Scroller
  • Category/Popular Products Dynamic jQuery
  • Fluid Add to Cart Process
  • Multiple jQuery Information Tabs


So You Like Bright Colors for Your Online Shop?

This is a nice bright clean theme with multiple colors that can be set easily. It features a nice rollover multiple image feature where you do not have to click on the image, it just changes to the next view as you rollover. When you hit add to cart, it transitions to a full page cart, however, it does not have a continue shopping feature, so the user has to either go to checkout or use the category navigation dropdown.  This would be great in the case that users normally would be purchasing just one product as it keeps the process to checkout going quickly.

Colors WordPress eCommerce Theme WP e-Commerce Theme Category Grid


WP e-Commerce Theme Single Product WordPress eCommerce Theme

  • Multiple Colors
  • Bright No Matter What the Color
  • Featured Products Scroller
  • Nice Category Dropdown
  • Rollover Multiple Product Images
  • Nice Category Dropdown
  • Add to Cart Page Goes to Full Page Cart


Selling One Product, eBook or New Release Music Track?

Another incredibly bright and easy to read theme…the demo is setup transfering directly to checkout…definitely could see this being a really nice conversion tool on a music site with social net promotion to sell a particular single…or even a digital ebook store…and it is nice and fluid working through to checkout. Not too much in the way of dynamics, but there is a nice jQuery dropdown for the side navigation and the multiple image browser is nice and clean for the same sized photo to pop up in the photo frame without stall when the specific image box is clicked.



Single Product

View Demo


  • Prominent Login Area for Members
  • Bright Clean Homepage
  • Ability for Top Logo
  • Home Content Logo Capability
  • Side Category Navigation
  • jQuery Navigation Drop for Subs
  • Transitions Directly to Checkout



Standard Features and Classic Format?

Bright, basic and clean, taking standard features setup in the classic format.

WP Store eCommerce Theme WordPress Home


WP Store eCommerce Theme WordPress Grid Display

WP Store Theme Single Product

  • Product Slider on Homepage
  • Nice Featured Product Spotlight on Home
  • Basic but Fluid Continue or Checkout
  • Prominent Related Products on Single
  • Product Zoom Function


Elegant, Yet Simple?

This theme covers all the bases for ecom and blogging.  It can be used with the basic features of WP-eCommerce…without the advanced features that are bundled with some of the Premium themes above.  Don’t worry, they have included styling to be used with a Gold Cart Upgrade.  The basic blog styling is also very nice which can be seen on the demo.  The landing page doesn’t have screen captures, so navigate to Elegance for this excellent design.

Elegant Home


Elegant Grid Display

Elegant Single Product with Multiple Images

  • Large Home Featured Image
  • Mild Grey Color
  • Scrolling Featured Slider
  • Ajax Cart, Dynamic
  • Nice Wide Sidebar Cart
  • Lightbox to Large Photos


I’ve taken hours to look through and place these up to save you some time going through the sea of themes.  These will bring stellar conversion results and the appearance of a very pricey, expensive website.  Good luck…get out there and sell your products!