Tom Ford, WordPress, WpCommunity

WPCommunity is led by Web Developer Tom Ford, Based in San Diego, CA.

I’m Tom Ford, WordPress Website Developer, Webmaster and Advanced WordPress Technician.  I spend pretty much all of my time helping people both through difficult puzzles that have to do with WordPress and WooCommerce, including enhancements that help sites do neat and cool things such as eCommerce, Social Network Infrastructure, Social Networking API Merging, Web Video and Mobile Responsiveness to name a few. 

You can find out more about my WordPress technical services here.

Total technology enthusiast!  I stay connected almost 24/7, so chances are I know about some new technology others don’t yet as it’s my passion.  I’ve been a Beta Tester and Participant of course on WordPress, but also many other social network, app development projects/other small testing projects.    I specialize in fixing theme and plugin issues as well as working new extended function into existing sites.

I also work with forward adaptive UI (to increase experience, happiness) as well as the associated automation, members systems and other solutions.

Have done some writing in the early years on my own blog on this domain and for (WPMU Dev) and WPML (WordPress Multi-Language).

I’m also a Team Member (although inactive at present) on the #docs Team for (the Official WordPress Website).  I’ve also contributed to the #meta team on small projects and attend numerous WordCamp speaker showcases around the Country.

In addition, a registered Facebook and Twitter API Developer.


  • 17+Years Experience with WordPress
  • Since Version 1.5