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Schedule Text Within a WordPress Post to Show Based on Date

A simple show scheduled WordPress text in post plugin entitled “Before and After” by Jacob Fresco handles this job in a simple, functional way. It’s not editor or panel driven, so you need to be comfortable placing tags in the WordPress editor.

Some Ideas for Usage of This Timed Content Display Plugin

  • Concert Dates With Future Dates Known Yet Not Released
  • To “Roll Off” Past Dates and Keep a Schedule Clean
  • Information Pertinant to the Date of an Event
  • Discount Code Made Available Only On a Specific Date(s)

The Tags





To Get a Better Idea

<ON 2011-10-02>This should only when the current date is Oct 2</ON>

<BEFORE 2011-10-01 17:00>Shows until set date of Oct 1</BEFORE>

<AFTER 2011-10-02 17:00>Shows After 5pm on Oct 2</AFTER>


There are more examples of combinations that work and some that won’t on the plugin page. The script logic is pretty simple. To get a good feel for how the date ranges work, it’s best to do a test post with pinging turned off if you are live publishing, although, tests work in the draft environment as well, although, it takes a few tries to understand how the clock works.

The front end and source elements end up very clean for those items not displayed.


Matt Becomes CEO, Switches Places with Toni Schneider

Matt has switched places with Toni, after stomping down on Version 3.8.  Creative minds who think alike and come up with creative ways can easily negotiate a swap to benefit the community, right now duties are what make Automatic and WordPress strong and benefit the community as everyone remains watching over the ever present goal of providing a way for people, organizations and those involved in the community to continue contributing to the best of their abilities:

Matt Switches Places with Toni Schneider

Solve Plugin Conflicts, jQuery WordPress Update Issues (Like Rockstar)

Better Handle WordPress Update Issues Related to Plugins, Plugin Updates

Solve Plugin Conflicts, jQuery WordPress Update Issues

What I’m going to run through here will change your life enabling peaceful control if you:

  • Use an and Old Theme
  • Use a Ton of Plugins
  • Have Issues After Updating WordPress
  • Have Had an Issue After Updating Plugin(s)
  • Plugin Updates Have Made Your Site Broken

This is especially helpful in issues from the update process to a WordPress to v.3.5 (3.5.1, etc.). (and into the future)

read on

The Coming WordPress 3.5 Update

What’s Coming in WordPress 3.5?

WordPress 3.5 Has Over 100 Changes Coming (Due Out December 5, 2012) (Revised Target Date for WordPress 3.5 Release, December 10, 2012)
Some of the more exciting things in WordPress 3.5 are a totally overhauled image and gallery process (drag and drop and multiple images), a massive default theme overhaul (WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme) with many features and external support for oEmbed (drop a link to spawn function) providers such as SoundCloud and Slideshare (amongst several others).  The new WordPress 2012 Theme and massive enhancements to the WordPress 3.5 update keep WordPress the leader of open source and publishing software and the influence of free information distribution throughout the World!


Things will be loading quicker across the board in several areas and there is a ton of new support for mobile devices as well as additional API functions in many places for developers to run queries relative to users, comments and several other things.

  • Faster Loading Across Many Front End Areas
  • New Media Process with Drag and Drop
  • Better Galleries
  • Insert Multiple Images at Once
  • New Default Theme Twenty Twelve
  • High Resolution Retina Dashboard
  • More Mobile Support
  • UI Streamlining
  • Ehanced WP Query for Users and Comments
  • Multisite Improvements
  • Better, Faster Loading of Post Objects
  • XML-RPC API Always Active
  • Image Editing API Enhancement
  • External Library Updating
  • Blogroll, Links Going Away
  • oEmbed Improvements

We’ll have a post on all of the enhanced features when the version is made live and stable…take a chance to checkout the WordPress Development Team.  We should all be very grateful for their work and making this amazing Open Source software available to change the World and provide easy access to publishing and site management capabilities.

Checkout the full WordPress 3.5 Credit List to see the people behind the amazing update that’s on it’s way and take some time to look at what they’re doing and thank them.

We’ve also been testing with ImageMagick…see some further information from Mike Schroder on the WP Image Editor and ImageMagick.


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