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    Hello, I am trying to make the widgets on the bottom of my page to sit 2 on each line instead of one after each other on mobile. I am speaking about the 6 widgets just above the footer on my homepage: https://cardiff.ro.I have tried using some CSS to do that, but I am a beginner when it comes to it and I haven’t manage to fix them. Is there any other way I could achieve this? Thank you

    Me too – https://www.technoloader.com/

    Hi @zimmer46 It sounds like there may be an issue with the SSL certificate configuration on your new host. When a website is accessed without the “www” prefix, it may be treated as a separate subdomain by some servers. This means that the SSL certificate may not be configured properly for the non-www version of your site.There could be other issues as well. However, you can try to use this plugin and hope it will fix your issues.https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/ This plugin automatically detects your SSL certificate and configures your site to work with HTTPS. It also includes an option to enable a redirect from the non-www version of your site to the www version.

    Please deactivate “SiteGround Optimizer” plugin

    How do I correctly add the Tumblr icon on follow us buttons?I did this but the icon does not appear. https://postimg.cc/gallery/5YXBcp0

    Ahh, I see now.I see the grey box ‘inside’ the header – and I assume that’s the one in the wrong place. If I inspect your code, the box has an ‘absolute’ position – If I inspect your container with the pool image, it does not have a ‘position: relative’ – but when I add it (through the inspector), the box appears correctly as an overlay.You’ll need to add ‘position: relative;’ to the three columns.Do you know how to do that? 🙂 / Aris Kuckovic

    @sabahath What kind of message do you want displayed?As I can see in your original code, you have a ‘content’ with a message inside – would this be an option?

    Hi, We have a website with a lot of posts and now we have an issue with one of the posts. The page content is not showing in the text editor(Gutenberg editor) but it showing in the frontend. When we preview the post it shows no content in the frontend same as in the backend, but viewing the same post, it shows the content only on the frontend, couldn’t see anything in the backend. PFA:- https://imgur.com/a/GaFk5rx How it is happening? What causing the issue? Is there any solution for the same? Please let us know your feedback. Thank you

    Hi all, I am making a slider block. I created a parent block (slider), child block (slides) and everything worked smoothly so far. However, I have problems with moving and deletion of the child blocks inside the parent block. The script that creates the slider adds some divs. For example, original HTML when script is not running is: After the slider script is executed, HTML is: So, far it works fine. The slider rotates and work smoothly in both editor and site front end. However, when I try to move slide child blocks or delete them, I got ReactJS error explaining “failed to execute ‘removechild’ on ‘node’: the node to be removed is not a child of this node.” Any workaround for this? Or it’s…

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Probably. As I said, as long as you can revert if things go wrong, no harm in trying.

    Hi all, I’ve a site which has information on products etc and also has a form to ask for a quote. This form arrives in the office and a quote is created and emailed to the customer. Is there any way I can add a pdf of the quote to the customer record in WordPress so that when they log in, they can see the quote created? TIA Jackmac

    ok I’m just a bit wary because I’ve never used one before — I’m looking for some pretty extensive plug-in manipulation. Generally speaking, for a beginner, would it be safer to hire someone in the same country as you (i’m based in the US) right so you can have them sign non disclosure agreements and T&C’s? or will it not make a different ultimately?

    Hi,I would like to offer my customer the ability to decide whether they want to pay in full or use the partial payment method for our single product. For that purpose, I am currently relying on the “Acowebs – Deposits & Partial Payments for WooCommerce – Pro” plugin (paid version). Still, what I actually want is to offer different Payment Plans to specific variations of a single product, and this can’t be done with Acowebs plugin. Example (from my website): – No Payment Plan should be offered for variations  “Mensuel – Petit” and Mensuel – Grand” – Payment Plan #1 (i.e., 50% now and 50% in 2 months) should only to be offered for variations “Semestriel – Petit” and “Semestriel – Grand” – Payment Plan #2…

    As much as WordPress seems ot make it easy, it’s not as easy as just changing the URL’s for home and site. Have a read through this, and follow all of the steps. That will get you set up correctly. Changing The Site URL