Google Plus Games Launch

Google Plus Games Launch is Official

So getting back to my week in web design weekly column…a little embarrassed…I knew I was going to write about Jonathan’s Card as I like to include at least two topics in a weekly update…anyways…the Jonathan’s Card Experiment has ended…but just in time has been the launch of Google Plus Games.

So as of this writing, we are looking at a total of 16 games…here is the list as of the time of this writing:

There are direct links, but they result as a 404 file not found…so for now, I’m leaving them off…but I’ll post them once that is resolved (in the Social Networking Journal Forum)

Game Selection

The initial rollout pretty much includes static games…they do have Zenga poker…which is possibly telling of more Zenga games on Goole Plus to come.

Google Plus Games Privacy

Much like Facebook games, users must accept allowing access and privacy settings.  Right now, it is either allow or don’t play.  These settings will likely evolve over time.  There is a nice article on Google Plus game privacy by Lisa Braziel on the Ignite Social Media blog.

Game API

Alot of the multi-player type games involve api procedures…so this is likely why some of the more popular games are taking awhile to come online…

Lower Cost for Google Plus Game Developers

Google has put a 5% commission in place vs. a 30% commission on Facebook…thought to motivate Google Plus Game Development.

Not Much to Say

There really is not too much by way of criticism of something on the first day…so…for now, it is probably best to look at this as a work in progress…and take it from there.

Updating This Post on Google Plus Games

I’ll be continuing to update this post on changes to Google Plus games for those interested.

I should also have multiple topics in next weeks week on the web and web design inspiration.  This particular topic (games) will be a big one…so a dedicated post seems worthy.