How to Forward Specific Gmail Based Upon Filter

Ever wondered how to forward Specific Gmail Based Upon a Filter? Getting a forward for specific Gmail Based Upon a Filter is a viable option (Vs. Forwarding All of It)  We often run into the requirement of having notifications sent to multiple administrators on a WordPress installation.  This is fine, but further yet, some plugins produce their own types of notifications.  There are always ways around getting notifications out to multiple admins or email addresses with scripting or plugins, but in today’s day and age, many people use Gmail for their entire organization.  No wonder why, because it rocks!  There’s a simple solution we’ll run through to do this.

Now don’t be alarmed!  The procedure starts the way many of us are used to by forwarding all email…but there is a hook that is added at a later step that earmarks that only some email received at Gmail gets forwarded.  I’ve created a couple handy screencaps to make understanding the process more simple.

Go to Main Settings Option in Gmail

Gmail Settings for Filter
Gmail Settings for Filter
  • You will first follow through to Gmail Settings.  This bar is located at the top of most Gmail pages.

Select Forwarding to Forward Specific Gmail Based Upon Filter

Choose Gmail Forwarding Option
Choose Forwarding
  • You will see the main Gmail Setting Option for Forwarding and POP/IMAP.  Click on it.

Add a Forwarding Address for Email Received at Gmail

Add Forwarding Email and Check for Confirmation

  • Now add the address you wish to forward the Gmail to.  Once this is complete, YOU MUST CHECK THE EMAIL BOX WHERE YOU ARE FORWARDING THE EMAIL TO AND ACCEPT THE CONFIRMATION.
  • This is the same as adding a filter for all email received at Gmail to be forwarded.  Don’t worry, it works.

Create Your Filter

Create New Filter for Email to be Forwarded

  • Now you can go to the same main Gmail Settings page and choose the Filters tab.  You will then see all of your existing filters…or none if you don’t have them…Choose “Create a new filter.”

Set the Filter Criteria

Edit Gmail Subject or Criteria for Forwarding

The criteria for which email to be selectively forwarded can now be placed.  In the above example, we are placing a subject or partial words of a subject that is common to all of the emails that need to be forwarded in the subject box.  You can several other types of criteria here.  The next step is to click on the grey area that says: “Create filter with this search.”  You’ll want to test this once done to make sure the system is understanding your criteria.  If it seems like it is not working…it is likely you have done this incorrectly.

Select the Forwarding Address You Configured Earlier and the “Forward it”

Add Forwarding Address and the Forward it Option

So we’ve clicked to create the filter based upon the search…this step MUST be done correctly to add the hook to only forward some Gmail based on the filter.  You will need two things…to select the email address that you already configured and confirmed (at the other email box).  There is not one confirmed here, so it goes to the add loop, but you will see a dropdown with email addresses that are confirmed for forwarding.  Again, the “Forward it” box MUST be checked for this to register.  You can also add other options such as a star or “mark as important.”  The criteria for the search is at the very top line.  If the filter is not working upon testing…delete the old filter and start again.  Do not try to edit the filter as it often carries over previous info which can be confusing.  You will then choose “Create filter.”

You Are Done!

That’s It!  If done correctly, there will be a pink bar at the top of the Gmail box for 7 days advising this forwarding has been set.  It will then dismiss itself.