Magento Product Category Image Extension

Had the opportunity to find a really great Magento Product Category Extension.  The documentation on the developer site is really good…but there is alot of it, so I thought I would just run through how this extension will help you Control Your Magento Product Category Images.

N Banner Blocks

Magento Category Images Extension

At the time of this writing, the extension cost is $65.00, however, it is well worth it for the control factor.  Installed on 1.4, coupled with the WYSIWYG editor…this works super slick to:

  • Place Banners on Top of Your Category Pages
  • Works on Specific Category Pages
  • Supports Placing Multiple Images On Specific Categories
  • Easily Place HTML Above or Below Grids
  • Has Gallery Function for Images Only
  • Upload Images to Categories via Panel
  • Images/Blocks are Set on Timed Basis and Can Expire
  • Supports Scrollers
  • Can be Set on All Stores or Language Specific Multiples

Hopefully next up is trying this on to see the differences in function…the panel is absent the WYSIWYG editor, so it will be interesting to see if there is some support in the extension for just uploading images via the panel without a TinyMCE editor or one of the other add ons.  One of the major downsides of the two version is the ability to upload these photos…it seems the gallery function may provide this.

At any rate, this gives massive control to any level of category or subcategory and allows to MUCH more easily manage this content.  Some possibilities with this extension.

  • Easily Manage Holiday Promotions
  • Promote Category Specific Inventory
  • Layout Attractive Subject Specific Category Pages