Merit Badges for Web Developers

This is a super funny post I’ve found by CSS Tricks, Chris Coyier.  He’s got a super great online blog that I’ve followed for years.  Have already shared this with a few friends and we’ve gotten quite a few laughs, so figured I’d go ahead and share a couple of my favorites down below (and a little commentary).  Added a couple low quality screencaps as they’re super neat.

Go see his post on Web Developer Merit Badges to see them all!

Changed a DNS record and everything worked just fine

Changed DNS Record

Ah, the DNS.  It is really great when everything just goes!  Caching, different devices, time.


Comprehended someone else’s RegEx


If I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent on relatively short lines of RegEx, I’d be a millionaire for sure!


Accidentally created own CMS


Have definitely weaved together a tangle of adaptive modules.  This site is a good example of that, but hey, it all works…and pretty good, but I have to do a little refresher if I leave it for awhile.  😐 


Told a client/boss “No, we’re not doing that.”

Do I have to answer this?  😛 


Refactored a large portion of CSS and didn’t break anything

CSS Rework

Don’t think I’ve fully earned this one, at least not on the first go!  Gotta love Staging and Development Environments!


Hand-coded a HTML email

Write Code HTML Email

Unfortunately.  🙁 


Debugged something for over one hour where the fix was literally one character

Character Missing Code

Again, do I have to answer this one?  *laugh*  🙄 


Became extremely confused by a CORS error

Cors Error

Yes!  Actually have come up with some pretty good solutions on this one!  


Solved a bug by taking a nap

Bug Issues Caching

Not sure about the nap part, don’t get many of those, but definitely by waiting!  We love you caching, especially when you have some mystery element!


Your personal website hasn’t been updated in at least 5 years

Website Updates Overdue Emergency

Well, not exactly 5 years haha, but definitely have gone a little while here and there.  Actually pretty good about WordPress Updates and try to keep my own personal sites looking a little more “home grown” vs. chasing after the latest design trends.  Clients sites of course look a lot better!