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Oculus Quest and WordPress User Crossover Poll Posted

Have gone ahead and posted a poll in an attempt to see the overall response from people who use the Oculus Quest 2 headset and WordPress as well…or even better, it’s part of their work.


The Facebook Oculus Quest User Crossover Poll is Here


Quest 2 High User Count Facebook Group


The poll is about how many people would be interested in an always open hangout and/or formal meetup type online venue supporting the Oculus Quest, Quest 2 and also the headsets that run with Steam platform (Windows Mixed Reality, Vive, etc.) *although those other types of headsets won’t be reflected in the first poll which is posted to an Oculus Quest 2 channel.

Posted to: Oculus Quest 2 Group on Facebook

217.9k members at time of posting


Also plan to post this same poll to the AdvancedWP group once the results are in from this.

*will keep results updated on this post


Preliminary Results

Aug 14, 2022 11:45pm Eastern

*had seen it as high as 6%, so will look back *interesting how many disinterested people I got to click the button.

There were basically 2 interested people on this poll that voted (me being one of them) and 1 in comments (so basically 2 people total).

The really interesting thing is the number of people I got to push the not interested in topic button.

Still pretty high hopes for interest if put in front of actual WordPress people. So the saga continues…



Submitted Poll to AdvancedWP Facebook Group – In Pending Status *if no approval, will try other WordPress group of membership

Will be updated when data available

August 21, 2022 – poll went live in the morning: check it out here: AdvancedWP Facebook Group Poll

So far at 5:47PT on Sunday, Aug 21, results below:

Poll 3 – Re-Attempt Postponed

So our next try…and so it goes why people don’t do a lot of research, it can be frustrating. Facebook Group *unsuccessful post

and a strange result when posting on the other group, post was flagged, given a warning and I was removed from the group.

Seems like a very strange result for something as innocuous as a WordPress cross user poll to VR Users to determine if there’s interest to organize a WordPress meetup.

Still trying to get more info on why a poll on this seems to violate rules to such a degree that you would be removed from a group, but going to try and determine that.

Sent a message to the Group owner.

Heard back from Group owner and it was flagged as spam. Not sure if I free-wrote something weird or taken weird, but all the polls done were essentially the same and did not have this issue in other groups.

Since there are now results from the AdvancedWP poll, going to hope there is a little bit more participation and use the results to try and determine if it makes sense to spend the time on the project…or perhaps how to reach these outlying users who fit the profile of both WordPress professional and VR user.


Aug 18, 2022: So, we’ll pause the poll for now I guess. Maybe someone is already doing this and that’s the opposition, but thus far, haven’t found it.

Will go around today and check AltSpace to see if there is any sign of WordPress life or on Horizon maybe somewhere…

And the poll that was pending went Live… Sunday, Aug 21, 2022 *updating above

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