Schedule Text Within a WordPress Post to Show Based on Date

A simple show scheduled WordPress text in post plugin entitled “Before and After” by Jacob Fresco handles this job in a simple, functional way. It’s not editor or panel driven, so you need to be comfortable placing tags in the WordPress editor.

Some Ideas for Usage of This Timed Content Display Plugin

  • Concert Dates With Future Dates Known Yet Not Released
  • To “Roll Off” Past Dates and Keep a Schedule Clean
  • Information Pertinant to the Date of an Event
  • Discount Code Made Available Only On a Specific Date(s)

The Tags





To Get a Better Idea

<ON 2011-10-02>This should only when the current date is Oct 2</ON>

<BEFORE 2011-10-01 17:00>Shows until set date of Oct 1</BEFORE>

<AFTER 2011-10-02 17:00>Shows After 5pm on Oct 2</AFTER>


There are more examples of combinations that work and some that won’t on the plugin page. The script logic is pretty simple. To get a good feel for how the date ranges work, it’s best to do a test post with pinging turned off if you are live publishing, although, tests work in the draft environment as well, although, it takes a few tries to understand how the clock works.

The front end and source elements end up very clean for those items not displayed.