WooSesh Schedule, WooCommerce: (Oct. 9 – 10, 2019)

WooSesh Schedule WooCommerce

The WooSesh Schedule has been announced!  Having been to several WPSessions, WordSesh, WooSesh events, I can say that Brian Richards works tirelessly to make these events a success by putting together 5 star, top notch speakers and topics. This event is free and honestly, it’d be worth paying for. Highly suggested to signup and attend if you run an eCommerce store with WordPress (either on WooCommerce or another platform). I’d attend even if I was running an eCommerce site outside of WordPress as these topics are not only important, but imperative to running a successful shop both now and keeping it growing into the future.

These used to be held in (just after) the WooConf Sessions, but absent of those, it’s becoming a sort of online replacement. Two days of a track of WordCamp style (yet live video) presentations.

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WooSesh Schedule 2019, WooCommerce


Brian Richards and Patrick Rauland are organizing this and it promises to offer some information that can’t be found anywhere else.

-Lessons Learned Building Complex Stores
-9 Emails Every Store Needs to Send
-10x Your Email Marketing with Segmentation and Personalization
-Starting an eCommerce Business
-Optimizing the Journey from Entry to Checkout
-Augmented Reality and WooCommerce
-Sales Tax for the Online Seller
-Gaining Traction and Reaching Escape Velocity
-The Simple Jar a WooCommerce Subscriptions Case Study
-Completed Order is the Beginning, Not the End
-Small Changes that Make Big Impacts
-Designing with Blocks
-Every Second Counts: how to speed up your WooCommerce store to close more deals
-How to Fix the Top 10 eCommerce UX Mistakes
-Sell Better Using Web Metrics that Matter



Comments, What I’m Looking at in These Sessions:


Lessons Learned Building Complex Stores

Can vouch that building large stores with constantly evolving scaled up traffic comes with many challenges. Looking for some really good information here.


9 Emails Every Store Needs to Send

Email is the lifeblood of maintaining a relationship with Customers. Everyone is constantly adjusting their implementation, so any chance to get some tried and true processes in this regard is always very valuable information.


Custom Tables and the Checkout Bottleneck

Anyone working with building WooCommerce sites at any volume has certainly had the occasion of a slow checkout and ironing out those issues. Further, it’s not uncommon to have plugins inject these types of routines to run and require modification. These can indeed be expensive issues and cause conversion issues. Great topic.


10x Your Email Marketing with Segmentation and Personalization

Absolutely! Sending the right offers or communication to Clients of a certain purchase type or status (ie: abandoned cart) can be a re-engagement item and keep Customers active once they understand you have even more that they’d be interested in!


Starting an eCommerce Business

You gotta start somewhere!


Optimizing the Journey from Entry to Checkout

So important. Was helping somebody yesterday by taking a quick look at their site presence and just did a quick run through their process. This was a European store that shipped Internationally. Ended up at the checkout and had to scroll through the list trying to find the United States. After scrolling through about 40 Countries that the Site Owner probably never wanted to (or would) do business with to begin with, I was able to determine that the United States was not even on the list?? United States Outer Lying Areas was. Long story short, I couldn’t have done business if I wanted to, but, even for those in the Countries common to where this person would ship to, they’d have to be trudging through this list alphabetically to find their Country. This is one very small example from the list of topics to be covered on this one, so will be tuning in!


Augmented Reality and WooCommerce

Oh, so being a Virtual Reality Buff (I’m pretty active on this topic and content creation elsewhere), this is ABSOLUTELY the next gen to where eCommerce is going. There are already startups creating full Virtual Reality platforms for eCommerce. That being the case, Augmented Reality is certainly a very similar (and predecessing concept) that will likely be much more popular first. Super excited on this one!
Virtual Reality: Everything in the experience (ie: in a headset)
Augmented Reality: Items overlaid on top of an experience dynamically (ie: you point at a product and get something supporting the experience in your viewport)


Sales Tax for the Online Seller

Avalara is one of the heavy hitters in working with collecting Sales Tax and complying with the various regions to do so.


Gaining Traction and Reaching Escape Velocity

How not to fizzle out after coming out like a rocket.


The Simple Jar a WooCommerce Subscriptions Case Study

Having built quite a few setups with WooCommerce Subscriptions, very interested in this one, it’s a case study of one company using manual delivery in unison with WooCommerce Subscriptions and customizing the Action Scheduler to control renewal schedules down to the minute to better work with their model…as well as I’m sure some really great process info and information of how they worked through the build and have conducted business. These types of real world case studies are worth their weight in gold as they can save you from making the same mistakes as somebody else had…or further optimize on the front end.


Completed Order is the Beginning, Not the End

Absolutely again. Successful stores are not those processing “one-offs.” That first Order is the first step to maintaining a continual relationship with an overall lifetime value.

Small Changes that Make Big Impacts

Working on small changes to handle traffic growth. Working smart, not hard.


Designing with Blocks

So anybody that knows me knows that I’m a HUGE fan of the Block (Gutenberg) Editor. This is bringing huge flexibility and feature to a system we already all love and rely on. This focuses on a Designer’s perspective using the Block Editor to work with WooCommerce Components.


Every Second Counts: how to speed up your WooCommerce store to close more deals

Have had the pleasure of hearing similar talks by Chris Lema at WordCamps and there’s always some really good suggestions in his presentations.


How to Fix the Top 10 eCommerce UX Mistakes

There’s not a description of what’s to be covered here, but this is presently a pretty big focus point in how I work with Clients. UI and UX is probably the single most important part of any website trying to get Users to take an action, which of course is what eCommerce is. I’m ever amazed at the small adjustments that can be made to improve results. This is a science and it’s provable at this point with so many case studies and data. Looking forward to this one!


Sell Better Using Web Metrics that Matter

Ah, this falls inline with UI and UX. Taking the data you gather from existing Customers to make their experience and your results better. From the description, there will be information about how to leverage metrics from Google Analytics and probably several other metric points.



Again, check out the WooSesh site to Register for Free!  I’ve not seen a lineup of important topics like this yet and there will certainly be MANY takeaways.