Become a WordPress for Android Power User

There’s been a ton of progress lately with WordPress for Android and the new version 2.1.2.  Mobile themes have been available for awhile as well as user agent detection setups to either serve a smartphone version of a WordPress site.  Some application developers have been working on the backend as well with some really wonderful applications.  WordPress has gotten in the game and has been aggressively adapting to changes in technology and pushing several updates of the Official WordPress for Android App.

Being a Power WordPress Android User is Now Easy

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See Above Screencaps to Get an Idea of the Function, then keep reading below…


Up up and away, uploading a photo, that was easy with WordPress for Android!  So now that we’ve uploaded the first awesome photo right from the phone, let’s do another, then explore the features more closely. (uploading multiple photos works great)


These photos were created and edited on a smartphone and inserted into WordPress for Android.  The base post was then uploaded as a draft with minimal finishing touches placed (header tags, bullet list, image descriptions, etc.).  You can very easily create a nice post with just the features of WordPress for Android and publish it once you’re done (from the smartphone or tablet) or save it and put some finishing touches on it later.  You no longer have to be in front of a desktop or laptop when a writing idea is fresh.

Who Needs to be Using WordPress for Android?

  • Photo Bloggers
  • Business Bloggers
  • Personal Bloggers
  • Site Administrators

Productive Features, Android WordPress App

  • Add Quick Photos and Video
  • Conveniently Add or Start Posts
  • Posts Now Auto Save
  • Edit Page Content
  • Administrate Comments
  • Set Photo Sizes per WP Site
  • Link URLs
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough
  • Insert More  Tags for Content  Breaks
  • Proofread Draft Posts on the Go
  • Add Multiple .org Sites
  • Add Multiple .com Sites
  • Add a Combination of .org and .com
  • Start a New Account

Get it in Google Play

Visit the WordPress for Android Site

Watch the Video on Version 2.0

Tablet Friendly

The tablet display makes publishing and administration even easier with the ui taking advantage of the extra space to work with content.

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Other Mobile Operating System Disributions

A lot of people have the need for WordPress on iPhone or another mobile browser.  The preceding link covers IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Nokia and WebOS. (this is the official link for WordPress Mobile)


A large percentage of WP users have smartphones (or tablets) and the ability to capture content with them is powerful.  No longer is a website or blog a static type property, mainly due to readers wanting fresh content.  It gets no fresher than when it comes from “in the field.”  WordPress can now be an extension of you…where you are…what you’re doing…how you’re doing it and when!  This degree of a “live” factor can separate you from the rest and place users in a position that they feel like they’re right there with you, living the experience.  Less formality and a more real experience!

Go Get It Now!

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