Regular Websites/Powered by WP Engine Blog Sites Combination Site/Weblog AV Chat Communities Installed on Your Host or Hosting Provided

Don’t Spend Your Life Blogging or Creating Content into a Blog that isn’t Setup and Configured Properly. It will be pointless!

Finding a webmaster that is well versed in the WordPress server side structure (cPanel, various hosting control panels, ftp and the WordPress directory structure is essential if you are wanting a website on the WP Platform. WordPress websites offer light coding that is desirable to the search engines due to the way that it operates utilizing CSS, PHP and the ability to easily add content to your website.

  • MINI SITES – Regular Search Engine Friendly Self Editable WordPress websites setup with WP’s engine and built in features to operate as a non-blog “regular” website. This offers an affordable method to have a self editable website. Hiring a WordPress webmaster gets you a properly configured product.
  • BLOG SITES – A blog site typically lists the posts in descending order based upon when they were posted, often right on the home page of the site. Some choose to install this into a subdirectory in addition to a regular website. Blog sites do very well with search engines if setup properly.
  • COMBINATION – Some website owners want the mini site capability while still maintaining a blog.
  • ECOMMERCE CONFIGURATION – Easily add a shop, products with images and checkout interface and shopping cart to be showcased in your design. Our e-commerce solution is simple and works with PayPal!
  • WEBCHAT COMMUNITY – We are proud to offer the construction and configuration of WordPress blogs featuring audio video webcam chat capability with the WordPress user management system handling access. This is a great tool for people such as musicians, fitness instructors, personal coaches…anyone who has the necessity to have live online meetings and communication.