WordSesh EU 2020: Free Online Speaker Sessions

WordSesh EU Free Online Speaker Sessions for 24 Hours

WordSesh EU 2019 is happening on the 25th of September. WordSesh is a 24 hour, WordCamp style online array of speaker sessions. It’s FREE!

These have primarily been designed for the EU, but are accessible at some morning times on the East Coast as well. There is playback under one of the WPSessions subscription programs.

Having attended before (WordSesh US), highly suggested as there’s plenty of amazing subject matter to learn something new.



High-Performance Images in WordPress

Looks like a really great session topic. Typically, one of the holdout items on a speed test is images and the planned talk is centered around covering formats and sizes, optimization tools, responsive images and exciting new opportunities (not sure what that might be).


Build Your Blazing Fast Site With Gatsby and WordPress

Learn more about Gatsby on gatsbyjs.org. If you’re asking: “What is Gatsby?”  <<— Read the article on the link


Jetpack, the Hidden Link Between Agencies & Their Clients

Jetpack has a ton of integrated feature and there will likely be plenty of good information to learn here as most don’t use all of the capabilities.


Optimizing Your Gatsby Site For Production

See above for some links on Gatsby.


Building a SaaS App with WordPress and Laravel

Live build of an example app to show the potential of making money with Software as a Service.


WebOps Wins!

Collaboration between different roles.


How to use GitHub Actions for WordPress Plugin Development

Demonstration on how to automatically deploy a plugin to WordPress.org every time a new version is tagged.


Blogging for Business in 2019

Power of blogging and success topics for maintenance.


Makers of the Web, Meet Your Toolbox


What’s All The Fuss About DXPs, and Why Should I Care?

Digitial Experience Platforms are enterprise level software or implementations designed to build contextualized experiences throughout the customer journey.

This is a good article on DXPs, Digital Experience Platforms as there’s no clear cut definition, nor is there a technical separation point between enterprise level, CMS level or otherwise as this is an emerging trend.

There will undoubtedly be some really good information and perhaps some concepts that even carry over to providing a good cms experience. Sounds like a very interesting talk.


8 Lessons Learnt Through my Mental Illness

There’s always something to learn from others in high stress environments and one woman will speak about her journey balancing her illnesses with life and business.


Looks like these speaker sessions will have some really great content, definitely worthy of taking some time to learn a few new things.  Highly suggested.