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Nestled in the Background is Petco Park.  Community Members Can Join with Any Device (Desktop, Phone, Tablet, VR) and Watch Matt Deliver the Address Live While Connecting with Other WP Enthusiasts, Developers.


We’ll be hosting a watch party in the WPCOMMUNITY METAVERSE.  The Metaverse is also always open for people wishing to chat about WordPress and connect with others.  Watch Matt Mullenweg inform the WordPress Community about progress over the last year and what’s to come for 2023!



FEEL FREE TO ENTER AHEAD OF TIME TO CHECK IT OUT       *although there may not be any people there if it’s not event time

*please note, at this time, the Watch Party is unofficial.  We’ll be working with the San Diego Meetup Group to see if we can make this more accessible by getting it on the official watch party roster.   No Login is Required if you’ll be entering from a computer, tablet, mobile and the room works on all devices.

*WPCommunity Metaverse is powered by, a respected multi-device provider of collaborative space.

*VR USERS: requires an email invite to access the Metaverse, although the event will be public and findable, it’s a lot easier if you provide your email as the room then appears on your list of spaces and is really easy to get to (and get back to in the future).  VR Users are the only users that require an invite.                                   We’ll have a form up when the event is officially announced.